from KD Cruise Services LTD. Limassol

  • MS Maxima

Luxury river cruise vessels need attendance all the time, from the newbuilding at the ship yard, throughout the cruising during the season until the maintenance and care-taking during the off-season. The core businesses of KD Cruise Services Limited, Limassol, are the newbuilding supervision and the nautical and technical operations of river cruise vessels on European rivers.

KD Cruise Services Limited provides fully fledged services to owners of river cruise ships with regard to nautical and technical ship management covering all related aspects and are not only limited to:

  • Consultancy for the design of river cruise vessels and newbuilding supervision to ensure highest shipbuilding quality
  • Provision and up-keeping of vessels’ classification certificates according to the legal requirements of the flag state and the countries served
  • Insurance of vessels and crews
  • Up-keeping and maintenance of vessels during operations
  • Refurbishment of vessels according to owner's requirements and intentions
  • Crewing of vessels according to international and national safety requirements and regulations
  • Scheduling and operations of vessels including registration of vessels for locks, berths and ports according to tour operators’ and safety requirements
  • Supply of equipment, stores, provisions, fuel, water etc., wherever the vessels are
  • Accounting, Controlling, Reporting
  • VAT treatment and claiming in all European countries
  • Port Niehl: private harbor with about 35 Berth 

Safety Instructions

Download the Book „Safety Instructions“ and get familiarized with our Safety Activities.