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Best Choice for Management for River Cruise Vessels on European Rivers

About us

The first sailing of a KD passenger liner vessel on the Rhine River between Mainz and Cologne on May 1st, 1827 was the company’s start into now already almost 185 years of successful passenger vessel operation. KD AG (KÖLN-DÜSSELDORFER DEUTSCHE RHEINSCHIFFFAHRT AG) were the first to invent the cabin cruise business on European rivers. MS Europa, the first ever luxury cruise vessel on the River Rhine, commenced services as early as 1960.

Today the fleet managed by KD AG comprises 15 vessels employed in the Day-Cruise-Business and 28 luxury cabin cruisers, the latter managed through their affiliate KD Cruise Services Limited in Limassol, Cyprus. Four more vessels will be delivered into management in 2015.

As of 2007 KD AG decided to transfer the complete ship management for the entire fleet of cabin cruisers to their affiliate KD Cruise Services Limited in Limassol.

KD Cruise Services Limited has been established in Limassol according to Cyprus’ laws to independently carry out all activities related to nautical and technical management of river cruise cabin vessels, thus, combining the advantages of Cyprus as one of the world’s leading shipping locations with the long-standing traditions of one of the oldest and most reliable river cruise companies in Germany and Europe.

Over the last years fruitful relations have been established between KD AG and its business partners. KD Cruise Services Limited, Limassol, is glad indeed to rely on and to develop these contacts. We are especially proud that Scenic Tours Europe AG, the European set-up of the Australian Tour Operator Scenic & Evergreen Tours has chosen us as their nautical and technical ship manager.

Weather in Limassol


Luxury river cruise vessels need attendance all the time, from the newbuilding at the ship yard, throughout the cruising during the season until the maintenance and care-taking during the off-season. The core businesses of KD Cruise Services Limited, Limassol, are the newbuilding supervision and the nautical and technical operations of river cruise vessels on European rivers.

KD Cruise Services Limited provides fully fledged services to owners of river cruise ships with regard to nautical and technical ship management covering all related aspects and are not only limited to:

  • Consultancy for the design of river cruise vessels and newbuilding supervision to ensure highest shipbuilding quality
  • Provision and up-keeping of vessels’ classification certificates according to the legal requirements of the flag state and the countries served
  • Insurance of vessels and crews
  • Up-keeping and maintenance of vessels during operations
  • Refurbishment of vessels according to owner's requirements and intentions
  • Crewing of vessels according to international and national safety requirements and regulations
  • Scheduling and operations of vessels including registration of vessels for locks, berths and ports according to tour operators’ and safety requirements
  • Supply of equipment, stores, provisions, fuel, water etc., wherever the vessels are
  • Accounting, Controlling, Reporting
  • VAT treatment and claiming in all European countries